Installation of Flask

Application Development with Python and Flask

1- Install python

For Installtion of Python visit official site of Python or click in the link below


After download Python follow below step to check Python install in your system

  • Open CMD (command prompt)
  • Give command – python
  • Check that python install and then exit in python
  • Give command : exit

2- Create a folder using “mkdir” command

  • Give command : mkdir section-one(folder name)
  • Command: cd section-one(inside the folder)

3- Install virtualenv

  • Give command: “pip install virtualenv”

4- Install virtualenvwrapper

  • Give command: pip install virtualenvwrapper

After this give command :cls (clear all things)

Make virtualenv give command mkvirtualenv section1(section1 is name of virtualenv)

Deactivate virtualenv give command: deactivate

(close command prompt and again new window open after that we want to check how many virtualenv )

Give command: “workon”(this shows how many virtualenv)

Give command: “workon section1″(activate our virtualenv)

Give command : “section1/scripts/activate” (this command also work activate virtualenv

This are the steps for Installation of Flask.


Flask Web Framework Using Python

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