Build your Frontend and Backend

Building your frontend


Programming language – Python,Java, C, C++ etc

Database – mysql, sqlite, mongodb

Framework – flask, django, spring




Interactivity (java scripts)

HTML: HTML to define the content of web pages

CSS : CSS to specify the layout of web pages

Java scripts: JavaScript to program the behavior of web pages

Why use HTML?

Html define backend structure any page. It easy to understand,introduces some new API Currently we using html5 version

CSS:- CSS is a language that describes the style of HTML, CSS describes how HTML elements should be displayed

Java scripts:- JavaScript to program the behavior of web pages(java scripts not part of java).

Bootstrap:- Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites.

How to add bootstrap in our program

Open bootstrap side using this link:
For more information CLICK HERE

Copy below templet code and paste it in index.html file

Output: “Hello world”(bootstrap working)


Create folder:- static(inside flask folder)
Create file:- style.css(inside static folder)

To apply above CSS style in our page use below link and maintion same path where you save your CSS code(always save your CSS code in same folder where you save your HTML code).

Create your backend

Exploring python 2 vs python 3-

Python2 –

  • Older version python
  • Released in the year 2000
  • Currently named as 2.6.x
  • Most popular and most used
  • Support will ended 2020

Python3 –

  • Future version python
  • Released in the year 2008
  • Currently named as 3.6.x

Main differences in both:

  • Print function(python2 used”print”, python3 used “print()”)
  • Integer division (python2 define “5/2= 2”, python3 define “5/2=2.5” )
  • Input function ()
  • Bankers rounding ()
  • For more information Click here

Understand python class-

  • Looking at oop(introduce concepts of objects ,inheritance,polymorphism )
  • Define class(class is blue a print)
  • Define an object(object is an instance of class)
  • Exploring various methods(these are just function with fancy name bcoz they are associated with classes, like __inti__ method )

What is decorators:

They provide a simple way to call higher-order function. These are functions are extend that behavior of another function without modifying it.
For more informaton- Click here

Working with SQL in python :

Structured query language is used to communicate with database,specify managing data.basic command (insert,select,etc)
For more informaton- Click here


SQLAlchemy is a popular SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper. It is written in Python and gives full power and flexibility of SQL to an application developer. It is an open source and cross-platform software.(example- flask sqlAlchemy,django-ORM ) We can install flaskAlchemy:-pip install flask-sqlalchemy

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