Compute engine –(VM)

Login google account > click home > Compute Engine > VM instances

Click > create

Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)> click change

click> create (instance will created)

Click > SSH (virtual machine connected using console).


  • Disk
  • Images
  • Network
  • Firewalls
  • Address
  • Regions and Zone
  • Instance
  • Load Balancer ,Auto scaling
  • Instance templates
  • Instance Groups

Compute engine machine types:–

A machine type is a set of virtualized hardware resources available to a virtual machine (VM) instance, including the system memory size, virtual CPU (vCPU) count, and persistent disk limits. In Compute Engine, machine types are grouped and curated for different workloads. You can choose from general-purpose machine types, memory-optimized machine types, and compute-optimized machine types Choosing a machine type is required when creating an instance.

Compute engine CPU graphical processing unit

A GPU, or graphics processing unit, is used primarily for 3D applications. It is a single-chip processor that creates lighting effects and transforms objects every time a 3D scene is redrawn. These are mathematically-intensive tasks, which otherwise, would put quite a strain on the CPU.

  • You must have GPU quota before you can create instances with GPUs.
  • Instance with one or more GPUs have a maximum number of CPU for each GPU that you attach to the instance.
  • You cannot attach GPU to instance with shared-core machine type
  • GPU instances cannot live migrate.
  • GPU require device driver in order to function properly. You can use any driver that you like, but you must ensure that these drivers are installed and configured properly.

GCE : DISKs (compute engin – disk and VM storage ):—

Three types of disks:—

Persistent Disk:-

  • Attached network interface
  • Persistent and independent of compute(instance)
  • Zonal
  • Used as bootable ,Snapshots SSD and HDD
  • Resize Dynamically (even when instance is running)
  • Attached to multiple VM for read only data
  • Automatic Encryption – you can choose your own Key
  • Local Disk:–

  • Local Disk can be attached to VM
  • Provided high IOPS based on size disk
    Upto 680k read and 360k write
  • You can not live migrate
  • RAM Disk:–

  • Faster them any Disk option available
  • Size of ram is dependent on many factors..always choose persistence disk at storage- but you need to catch machine like cycle events to stores latest data..
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