• Images contains boot Loader, Root file system
  • Everything you need to start compute engine
  • Images are stored in GCS images service.

Types of images :

  • Private images – maintain by you
  • Public images – maintain by google community supported images

Custom images

A custom image is a boot disk image that you own and control access to use
Custom image for the following tasks:

  • Import a boot disk
  • Create an image
  • Copy one image to another image

Compute Engine >Images

Compute engine

Instance templates & instance group :–

Global Instance Templates define the machine type,image,zone, and other instance properties for the instance in a managed instance group

Instance Group :-

Manged Instance Group

  • Zonal manage
  • regional Managed
  • Use Identical instance Resource
  • Used for Auto-Scaling
  • Rolling Update can be done
  • Change to instance will make change in all the instance
  • Load balancing for only similar resource

Unmanaged instance group:-

  • Use non-identical instance resource.
  • Can not be used for auto scaling
  • Rolling update cannot be used
  • Can make arbitrary change in any instance
  • Can be used for load balancing pre-existing resources or Group of dissimilar resources.
  • Compute engine > instance templates

Compute engine > instance group.

Compute engine GCE : Preemptibility :-

  • Preemptible VM consideration
  • Can not live migrate and auto restart
  • 24 hours max use and not covered under SLA
  • Changed if only started for 10 min, Less use will not be used
  • When you attach GPU to preemption – you quota will be used.
  • Compute Engine sends signal per preemptible to VM 30 sec
  • Average preemption rate varies between 5% and 15% per seven days per project

Pricing other Aspects :-

  • Disk Pricing – Prorated to second
  • Snapshots – only charged for amount used.
  • Unused static IP are charged per hour’s (1 Cent Currently)
  • Custom Machine types charged for per vCPU ,per RAM GB
  • Perdefine machine are mostly cost less than equivalent custom Machine type
  • Network egress based on type of egress used
  • No ingress to vm or almost all GCP service

Pricing Innovations

  • Preemptible VM – get upto 80% discount
  • Sustained use discount
    Inferred instance discount – perdefine ,custom
  • Recommendation Engine – based on monthly usage
  • Committed use Discount

  • You can get up to 57% discount on normal prices on committed for 1 year to 3 year
  • Upon purchase , you will be billed a monthly fee for the duration of the team you selected , whether you use the service.
  • Committed use discounts work on all Compute Engine non- shard core machine types, including predefined and custom machine type.committed use discounts are:-
    Simple and flexible : discounts apply to the aggregate number of vCPU or memory within a region so they are not affected by change to your instance’s machine type.
  • No upfront costs : there are no upfront costs for committed use discount. Committed use discounts are applied to your bill every month

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